Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Walking Season

 A blustery day, with clouds this morning and the sun breaking through this afternoon  Big changes coming later tonight, lots of rain, wind and cooler temps.  At least all the little goblins stayed dry tonight.  We live on a dead end road, only a handful of houses past us and then total darkness.  Trick or treaters rarely come to see us, though Jordan and Anthony our two great nephews did.  They got lots of treats.

Walking the past couple of weeks has been such a delight.  Mornings are cool, the fall colors are starting to dazzle and usually the skies are the bluest of blues.  Summers are so hot and humid here, you just want to sit in the shade and drink ice tea.  Springs can be frigid or hot and the days are filled with hard work, getting flowers and the vegetable gardens ready for their season.  Winters are beautiful and bare, usually cold mornings and not so bad afternoons.  But the falls, fall is walking season here.

We walk year round, but fall walks for me are most enjoyable.  The temps, the changes in light and color are sensory pleasures.  For me, fall is the best walking season.

I hope your Halloween has been fun, that whatever rituals or traditions you celebrate have been exactly what you needed.  May those who have gone before us, visit us in our dreams tonight.
Tomorrow, may you know kindness and may you share joy.


  1. Glad you can enjoy those walks in cooler weather. We've had so much rain I've been staying in more than not. Hope you have a wonderful start to this new month of November!

  2. This time of year is not my favorite because it rains a lot and it gets damp and cold. I enjoy the beginning of fall but not so much the grey skies.
    Hugs, Julia

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