Monday, October 15, 2018

October 15

October 15, we are already half way through the   Our weather is finally changing, cooler days and nights and more rain moving in.  These changes are good ones.  More color is starting to show in our trees, and tonight the half moon was wrapped in a gauzy veil.  I am loving this seasonal change.

We have another gig this coming Saturday.  We are playing for an exhibit of many things musical and how the items relate to our county and the people who live here.  The show starts with a vocal group, then our friends The Spook House Saints and then's all acoustic, by a fireplace.  Should be fun and a unique experience.

My hot tea awaits and the bed is calling my name.  I hope your week got off to a good start, remember to be kind and spread joy tomorrow.


  1. I would love to sit and listen to your music live.

  2. How nice it has cooled off for you. It will make sitting by the fire place even more enjoyable. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!