Friday, October 19, 2018

Chores Done

Another picture perfect fall day.  We made our first visit to Costco since before Rick's knee replacement and all went well.  I got the closets done today, there is incredible satisfaction in getting chores done, well for me there is .  We are ready and excited about our gig tomorrow.  It has been a good busy day.  The new meds the ENT prescribed seem to be working, fingers crossed.

I did salmon filets tonight, one of my favorite dinners and Taz's as well.  She begs for salmon, I swear she is half cat. 

I am so happy our gig is indoors tomorrow, rain and a cold front are coming late tonight.  We have played outdoors in chilly damp weather and it's tough.  Playing indoors by a fireplace tomorrow should be nice.

I hope your weekend brings you the opportunity to laugh out loud, get a hug or two and spread some kindness.  Those three experiences should make for a great weekend.


  1. Yay, you're feeling better. Have fun tonight. Salmon is one of my favorite too.
    Enjoy your gig.
    Hugs, Julia