Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fall Decor

A day of rest, well for me.  Rick went down and shot pictures of the Sumiton Frog Festival this morning.  This was the first one I have missed, but with work and all our gigs coming up, I have to work on health.  And this was another raging hot day in Alabama.  Never in my life do I remember 90 degree days in October.  Ugh.

I have spent some time doing my fall decorations and am sharing some photos with ya'll tonight.
I hope your Sunday is a peaceful, may you touch someone with your kindness and joy.


  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I love this time of year and we too have much warmer temps than usual. It was 100% humidity too..much cooler by the end of the week and I'll try and send it down to you! Hope you're feeling good. Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Glad you took the day off and stayed in where it was cooler. Your decorations a lovely. Pumpkins are always cheerful and the autumn colors beautiful.

  3. I think you were wise to skip the festival to save your strength for the gig. You two sounded nice. I'm glad you had a great time.
    Hugs, Julia