Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

New moon on the horizon tonight, last day of May 2016...so many changes, it can make your head spin.

I picked blueberries this morning, the mockingbirds are giving me a run for the money on our berries this year.  Even as I picked this morning, they swooped down and fussed at me.

Hot and dry, so far the crops are ok, but if we don't get rain soon things will get iffy.  The good news, we have peppers, squash and tomatoes almost ready for the picking.  Yummy.

Early bed time tonight, I teach a 7:00 am class in the morning so it is rise and shine earlier than normal.

Hump day tomorrow, wishes and blessings of smooth sailing, moments of laughter and maybe even a few hugs for good measure.

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