Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Jordan spent the morning and early afternoon with me today before I went to work and he went to swim team practice.  We picked more blueberries, walked the dogs, read and then we worked on his summer project.  His summer project is something that I read about a few days ago.  It is a bucket list but not your ordinary bucket list.

If you have kids in your family, this bucket list is perfect for summer.   Get a small pail or bucket, some wooden clothes pins and a fine point marker.  Jordan and I discussed what he would love to do this summer while he was out of school.  He narrowed his list down to ten things, then he wrote each one on a clothes pin and pinned it to the edge of the bucket.

As the summer goes by and he does something on his "summer bucket list", we drop a clothes pin in the bucket.  Hopefully by the end of summer most of the list will be complete.  A couple of things on his list includes a fishing trip with Rick, reading ten books, a trip to Chicago...some will be easily achieved, others...not sure if we will make them or not but we will give it a good try.

After doing this project with Jordan, I think I am going to make a "summer bucket list" as well.
I have never made any sort of bucket list, but maybe now is the time, we shall see.
Don't you think a "summer bucket list" could bring about some interesting transformations?

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