Thursday, May 12, 2016

First Meditation

A long hectic stormy Thursday...but my classes were wonderful today.  Some days in class everything goes and flows as it should, it did today.  For some today, it was their first yoga and their first meditation class, they were smiling when they left.

Some struggled with the meditation, I explained that it happens, but the reality is there is no bad mediation.  Meditation is not always grand and glorious, sometimes it can be a downright struggle.
Often our expectations get in the way.  If you can sit and meditate and expect nothing, quite often
you get a great experience...or maybe not.

There is still the dripping of rain on the tin roof, and in the distance the rumble of thunder.
The storms are being pushed by a "cold front" basically for this time a year it just means our humidity is dropping and instead of almost 90 tomorrow it will be 80 degrees.

I hope your Friday is the beginning of a wonderful weekend.  Spend some time outdoors, look at the trees and breathe and remember to be grateful for just one thing.  If you have never meditated, maybe this weekend will be a good time to try.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. For me a rainy day is the best day to meditate. I find the sound of the rain soothing.