Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fish Fry

Our third annual fish fry was today.  Fatigue does not begin to describe my body right now.
But it was so much fun and so much good food.  Family and friends, a beautiful


  1. I love your overall jeans, and Im very fond of fried fish.
    In recent years I've become very sensitive to the distinct fish smell during preparation ; so I've sadly decided that ,for the time being,I'll not bring the raw fish in, I'll just go out and have some prepared fish at an eatery. (There comes a time when one has to listen to one's body).
    Glad you've greatly enjoyed the successful fish fry party at your home.

  2. The joy in your yard comes out of the pictures.

  3. Such fun! I love the overalls and the big look like a teenager! Glad it was a lovely day but now rest, rest, rest!