Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings

Classes today ran the gamut, from very basic beginner, to chakra balancing to flows.  Some days everyone gets the same class, other days I go by instinct and teach what I think the group needs.

Storms have hovered all afternoon, I love hearing the rain, but the lightening and thunder can be uncomfortable for many when they try to relax.  The dogs were going crazy when we made it home tonight because of the thunder, Calliou does not enjoy storms.

My back is still acting wonky so I am going to see the local chiropractor later in the week.  It feels great when I am moving or teaching or walking, but the minute I sit down in the car or on the sofa,
everything stiffens up.  This aging stuff is not fun.

My cup of tea is waiting, wishing you all this first week of May,  plenty of sunshine and warm weather and lots of spring flowers.

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