Monday, May 30, 2016


Rick was the guest speaker at a local Memorial Service today.  I was proud of him, for being chosen and for the words that he shared.

The heat has been brutal today.  After the Memorial Service we came home, and I left for work.
As I was waiting for my students, I began to jot some thoughts down in a small notebook I keep in my yoga bag.  It was really just random, free thought sort of stuff.  After I had written a couple of pages, I read what I wrote.  To say I had an epiphany would be an under statement.  The thoughts that flowed so freely brought tears to my eyes.  I found answers I did not even know I was looking for.

A transformation took place in my life today, those words I wrote to myself put wheels in motion.
I urge you all to carry a small note book with you daily.  When you have a few minutes, write your random thoughts down or maybe a question you need an answer for.  If you write freely, without overthinking, you will be surprised, as I was.  You really do have the answers, you just have to take a few minutes of stillness to find them.


  1. I keep a notebook by my bed. I have found that my most profound thoughts come when I am completely relaxed.

  2. I'm glad Rick got to be the speaker and I'm sure he was really good. I remember the writing course I took in college and the first thing he had us do was write whatever came into our heads for 15min...glad we didn't have to share those thoughts but you're right about it being pretty revealing! The notebook idea is a good one!