Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Long and Lonely

Some days my students come to class with such a defeated air about them.  Working on your transformation is hard, facing your demons and letting go of what you think is control is even harder.
One student said it so well," you give up all control when you enter rehab."

Going inward, seeing  your open wounds and scars, reliving nightmares is troubling.  Communal living,
structure, being away from home, friends and family seem almost devastating.

I felt the struggles today as my students walked into the classroom.  I saw their faces and heard their voices and knew in my heart, somehow, some way, burdens needed to be lifted.

Class was a little more physical today, the asanas were big, I felt the students needed to reclaim their space in their universe.  They needed to make their presence felt, to each other, to me and themselves.
Tears and  smiles appeared at the end of class, the road to recovery is long and lonely.  I am such a tiny speck in a complicated universe.


  1. One of the saddest things to see is a person whose presence shows that they feel totally beaten down by the world. It is good to have someone like you to show them a way to pick themselves up.