Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love, Surprises and Compassion

Today's class was about love and compassion...for yourself.  We opened our heart chakras and hopefully by the end of class we all had let go of some destructive self-loathing.
There were tears, but also smiles and today was a day of hellos and goodbyes as well.  What can I say, it has been an emotional rollercoaster.

When I took the dogs for a walk today, I had a couple of surprises.  The first,  I met the most beautiful black snake.  He was about 5 feet long and so dark, he was almost indigo.  It was a good surprise.
Here in Alabama he is the kind of snake you want on your property.  He kills poisonous snakes, such as copper heads.

My second surprise, my pomegranate bush is covered in blossoms and tiny pomegranates.
Last year we had none, now there is probably a hundred.  I can't wait, I love to eat pomegranates.
They are yummy and good for you.


  1. Knowledge is power...knowing that was a good snake would give me the power to not run! 5ft? Oh my. Anyway, I love pomegranates too. My Uncle in California had them in his yard and when I was little I remember him shipping some to Mom every year. They are very healthy so enjoy!

  2. I envy you your pomegranates. They will be delicious.