Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Place Like Home

No place like home.  A friend that had been away for some time has come home and I saw her today.
We both agreed there is no place like home.

Home is not necessarily where you are from, it's where you feel at home.  Many leave their home town and never look back, while others can't wait to return.  Sometimes more than one place feels like home.  For me, Ireland felt like home, but so did Telluride, Colorado and Sedona.

Home can be New York City or Empire, Alabama.  It doesn't really matter as long as it's your home.
Some people stay in a place all their lives and it never feels like home, others can be somewhere for an hour and think of it as home.

Rick and I wrote a love song, "I Consider You Home".  In the song we talk about "home can be anywhere you are".  Being with the person you love truly can make any place feel more like home.
We once lived in a Howard Johnson's for almost a year, crazy as it sounds, it was home because we were there together.

I think it is safe to say, regardless of where you are, if it feels like home, there is no place like home.


  1. I recently read "Home just may be where there are two arms to hold you close." You and Rick have that, which just may be why you feel at home wherever you are together.

  2. Home is where I live my daily life, relax and rest.When I travel I'm out all day exploring, visiting,learning new things. In the evening, at the hotel, I may feel good, comfortable, pleased, but not at home.