Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1

June and humid in Alabama today, summer has arrived

June 1....gardenias bloom, I love their smell

June 1...blueberries are ripe

June 1...Father's Day,  25 years of not celebrating it with my dad.  I miss him so.

June 1...a staycation this month

June 1...this month is when everything is lush

June 1...two awesome gigs this month

June 1...Jordan made the swim team, his first meet is this month

June 1...white jeans, white gauzy tops and skirts and brown leather sandals

June 1...still searching for the perfect straw bag

June 1....real fresh vegetables, straight from the garden

June 1...grilled stuffed jalapenos

June 1...hurricane season starts today

June 1....always a busy month, friends, family reunions

June 1...June is the only summer month that I want to stay here, come July and August I need a break from the heat and humidity

1 comment:

  1. June is usually a mix with heat, humidity, cool, and sometimes very wet! No veggies or fruit here until July/Aug. Enjoy your busy month!