Thursday, June 30, 2016


I lost a day yesterday, a little illness took me out of the game but I am back.
June 30, the year is half way over, no going back, this is it.
Take some deep breaths, remind yourself there is still time to accomplish those dreams and plans.
Do it now.
Let some one  know what they mean to you, do something...don't let time pass you by.

When I walked a couple of days ago, more of the lilies that my mom planted had popped up in the woods.  It was as though she knew I needed a hug, a little assurance so she sent me flowers.
Enjoy them and here's a great big hug, from me to you.   (((((((((you))))))))).


  1. Thanks for the hugs! I am still following my dreams! Happy 4th!🇺🇸❤️

  2. Never stop having dreams for something. Those lilies are such a lovely way to greet any day.

  3. I'm all for deep breaths, flowers, hugs.
    I'm not sure about: go accomplish, "don't let time pass you by".
    Not everything is in our hands. As human beings we have our limitations.