Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1

July 1...American flag is waving from our arbor today

July weather has arrived with humidity by its side

July 1....4th of July, always celebrated

July 1...watermelon is at its sweetest now, so is fresh corn

July 1....ripe tomatoes

July 1...the official start of the last half of the year, don't blink 2017 will be here in a flash

July 1... flowers are in overdrive, there is such a profusion of color and smell in our yard

July 1...tis the season for cotton clothing, worn as loosely as you dare

July 1...lemonade and hotdogs, yummy....with mustard of course

July favorite 4th of July ever?  Telluride, Colorado...fireworks and snowflakes

July 1...the heart of summer and I am having thoughts of fall ( shame on me)

July 1...not my favorite time at the beach

July 1...the night sky is amazing

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