Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Somewhere in the Middle

Thunderstorms, lightening strikes, wind and rain appeared today after I got to work.  I walked in the door of the building and the sun was shinning, by the time class started the storm raged.
By the time I left the building a few raindrops were still falling but all was calm.  In the span of two hours blue skies and sunshine changed to angry black clouds.

Yoga during a thunderstorm is interesting.  Awareness of the energy in the air is palatable, and when the raindrops hit the windows there is a shift from the day's stresses to a sensation of relief.  I think the heat and humidity just added to the stress of the students today and as the storm released it's energy they released their stress.

Tomorrow is hump day.  Mid-week, almost  mid-month, and middle of the year and somewhere in the middle lies the truth of everything.  I hope you find your peace, your joy and your truth.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. Rainy weather is so soothing in so many ways. I can see why your students were able to more fully relax.