Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good and Bad

Meditation today with an awesome group of students, just as we finished class we heard the rumblings of thunder.  By the time I was half way home, monsoonal rains hit and within ten minutes the roads were starting to be covered in water.  So glad to get home.

I like the new doctor.  There was good news and not so good, I do have meniere's disease and probably migraine headaches as well.  Hearing loss is bad in my right ear, but great in my left.
I am on meds for the next six weeks, then I go back and take it from there.  Seems there is not much that can be done  for the hearing loss.  It could be so much worse.  There are some cases where the meds help, keeping my fingers crossed.

The pups have started their new lives, and Hook, Calliou and Taz are adjusting to each other.
It has been a long day.  Ready for a cup of tea and bed.

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