Sunday, July 17, 2016


Even though we eat healthy and are active, ( 10,000 steps a day, plus teaching 7 yoga classes a week) since I stopped treatments I have gained 10 pounds.  Today, Rick and I both made a decision to
drop a few pounds, so we are greatly increasing our awareness of what we are putting in our mouths.

He is already getting snarky, oh my, we will be in trouble if I catch the snarkies too.  This will be interesting.

It has been a hectic weekend, but a fun one.  I am starting to get a little anxious about my visit with a new doctor this week.  I have to keep reminding myself, I am here, now...and not project expectations.  That's a hard one for me, letting go of expectations.

We still have the three deserted dogs.  Seems no one wants them, so we have to make decisions this week.  Stressed!!!

A full moon week, so energies will be off the charts, but full moons are a great time  to let go and make changes.

Blessings of peace and joy to all of you, may the full moon bring good change.

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  1. Jilda, remember one day at a time. One issue at a time.
    Our weight is controlled by our portions. Just think if you weren't doing 10,000 steps or yoga. Yikes!!!!
    New doctors, new beginnings!