Thursday, July 28, 2016


Two yoga classes and a meditation class today, I might be a wee bit drained.  But, those who came to any of the classes were there because they wanted to come and the energy in the room was amazing.
I had new students, which is an almost every day occurrence.  One student had attended many types of yoga class, the other had never been to a yoga class...I think they both found what they needed today.

A few students will leaving in the next couple of days.  You look in their eyes and you see both fear and excitement.  They leave their protective bubble at the center and go back to face their demons.
For some, their demons win.  For others, they begin to understand this journey of sobriety and they live their lives, one day at a time.

My  mind and body are tired tonight.  Time for a cup of hot tea.  May we all face our demons tomorrow and win.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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