Friday, July 15, 2016

Sad and Angry

It has been a little stressful at our house the past few days.  On Wednesday a bulldog mix showed up at our front door, it was obvious he was not healthy...smelly, skinny and it turns out deaf.  We sat down with him, did some observations, gave him meds, taking him to see our vet next week, we decided we could keep him.

Yesterday morning, two bulldog mix not quite pups, not quite adult males were in our yard.  They appear to be healthy and had been fed.  We have posted on FB all day, no one has responded either to claim ownership or to adopt.  It breaks our hearts.  We just can't afford two more dogs.
And they are such sweet dogs.

We are hoping for a small miracle that over the weekend someone will want them...but if not, we will take them to our local shelter on Monday with heavy hearts.  I am sad and angry.  Sad that the dogs appear to have been someone's pets, angry that it appears  someone is throwing them away.
Sad and angry that the dog's fates have been dumped on us.


  1. AS I told Rick I have a post coming up next week about this very subject. People can sometimes be so cruel to their pets who only want to be loved a bit. The pets give unconditional love to their owners and ask for so little in return.

  2. Could the dogs be runaways because of the storm? Perhaps the owners will come forward.