Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1

July 1...the year is half gone

July 1...Independence Day on the 4th

July 1...a slow steady rain is falling, you can almost hear the plants rejoice

July 1...a navy blue pedicure today, a hair cut's all about me

July 1...peaches, blueberries and watermelons...I'm in heaven!

July 1...Calliou has convinced Taz to be afraid of thunder

July 1...Alabama summers make me very lazy

July 1...I planted turmeric today

July 1...though it is not the most flattering color on my pink Irish skin, I love white clothing in the summer

July 1...tiger lilies are blooming, zinnias are almost knee high

July chicks soon, momma hen is on the nest

July 1...I wish my mom and dad had lived to see what we have done with the farm

July 1...enjoy your summer it will be gone so very soon


  1. I like your list. My Irish daughter cannot wear red. I discovered that a large white collar between her and the red works. Maybe you can use a colorful collar or a kerchief to act as a buffer.

  2. I love wearing white or black depending the time of the day.
    I never grew turmeric so I had to look it up. I use lots of turmeric powder at pickling time.