Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blazing Star

I stepped out on the deck this morning, Mamie's blazing star was shinning bright.  It seemed appropriate that it would bloom this Independence week.

It stands over 12 feet tall, covered in buds that will soon bloom just as these did this morning.
What a gift!

A much better day today, after all the morning started with a "blazing star."


  1. It is a beautiful flower. Red has that vibrant alive feel.

  2. Your red hibiscus is beautiful. I hope that you have a totally nice day. We celebrate Canada Day today but for us, it's work as usual. My daughter is coming back from a little stay on PEI and is bringing some red lobster and that will brighten my day too. It's a full moon tonight. i hope for a clear sky.


  3. I thought you were going to mention the 2 planets coming together last night..but I got this sweet treat instead! That's a beautiful thing to wake up to and to anticipate when it's all out in bloom...enjoy!