Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ruby's Pound Cake

I found my mother's pound cake recipe awhile back.  I know it's a southern thing, but she made the best pound cakes...I had made hers before, but it was years ago...yesterday I decided today I would make Ruby's pound cake again.

I got out the old tube pan, the butter, the eggs and placed them on the counter top this morning.
Just before noon, I started to cream the sugar and butter and cream cheese ( yes, it has cream cheese in it) added the vanilla flavoring, the eggs and finally began to sift the flour in.  It was already beginning to smell like momma's kitchen.  The pan was full of batter and ready for the oven.

An hour and a half later, a golden brown pound confection came out of my over...the whole house smelled of vanilla and butter and sugar...I couldn't wait, I had to have a was warm and rich and smooth...just like my mom's.

My transformation today...a visit back in time, a happy memory...every golden morsel reminded me of my mom and all the time spent in her kitchen.  I am eternally grateful that she taught me how to cook, to love understand that making a meal was an art, and almost a spiritual experience...that nothing could beat a meal cooked with love and fresh ingredients.


  1. I worked with a woman who made the best lemon pound cake. I have the recipe somewhere... I'll have to look for it and have a try.

  2. Yummm! I love to cook too and any time I smell oregano I think of home...Greek cooking uses that a lot! I made a Greek salad today at my son's request. It's amazing how smell takes us on a journey. Glad you made that trip and felt closer to your Mom. It does warm the soul doesn't it?