Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Full Moon Musings

Full moon tonight...I love full moons.  They serve as reminders that the same moon shinning down on me is also shinning down on everyone I love and care about.  I love the lore about the moon, the lunar madness stories, the old wive's tales, everything pertaining to the moon, full , waxing or waning...or even the darkness (no moon).

I always feel more energetic during a full moon.  During last month's full moon, we were in Fair Hope, seeing the moon shine on the bay was magical.  It seems my wanderlust kicks in the most during a full moon...a trip anywhere sounds good to me tonight.

I love the link between a full moon and transformation...after all, think about the tales of werewolves,
Dracula and such.  Folk lore is full of moon stories, and then there  are all the names of full moons...blood moon, hunter's moon, harvest moon....the list goes on.

I look at the moon tonight and I smile...knowing that it shines on you, on me and the rest of the world.  We are all covered in moonlight, bathed by a silvery glow that seems so much more mysterious than the sun.  With the sun, what you see is what you get...bright light, blazing heat...but with the moon...there are shadows, stars, phases....mystical revelations,Biblical explanations, fear and love...common sense and the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Some say the moon shines only because of the sun, I say the sun shines because of its adoration of the moon...once again that yin and yang, the balance of all that will and should be.  May we all be bathed in the light of that pearly orb...and feel just a touch of its magic.

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  1. I also feel like I have more energy during a full moon. But then I love a good storm and fall is my favorite time of year. Most people I know think I am somewhat of a "lunatic".