Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Breath

I talked with one of my students yesterday, it was his last class with me.  He was excited, happy and scared...I reminded him that the world he left behind a few months ago was waiting for him, but now he had knowledge and tools to help him navigate the ups and downs of life.

I told him about a friend who is a Buddhist monk, who goes into places of turmoil to help those in need...I asked the nun who often accompanied him on these missions how he did it, how he dealt with so much stress and sorrow.  She said she had asked him that question herself...his reply, "one breath at a time."  I told my student that not only do we have to live one day at a time, but most often..."one breath at a time."

I am still experiencing bouts of , mild aseptic meningitis.  It has been five months since my last treatment.  The past week has been difficult, I have worked and gone about my daily life, but it has been interesting. I read some information on the internet that suggested these symptoms could last as long as a year after the last treatment.  They are getting milder, so hopefully within the next few months they will fade away.  But I truly understand..."one breath at a time."

We all experience difficult times and some days we think we might not it make to the next one or even the end of the current one.  It does come down quite often to "one breath at a time."
Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, depression, addiction, or a life in turmoil....hang on, find help, ask for help...and know that this too shall pass...and when it becomes unbearable...remember,
"one breath at a time."


  1. Yes Jilda... I have got through many trials one breath at a time....:--/

  2. So sorry that you are still having bouts of aseptic meningitis. It's good that you can get through one breath at a time. God advice.

  3. Great advice. Hoping your feeling 100% in no time. Hugs XX

  4. I hope your student takes all your wonderful advice and can move on with his life in positive ways. Hope you're feeling better each day and I'll try to remember not to take my breaths for granted.