Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pass It On

I had posted last night's quote about life's storms because it seemed the whole world had storms these last few weeks.  There have been personal storms, national storms, even stormy weather...energy shifts seem to take place across the board sometimes.

Are these shifts like dominoes, falling one by one...are they caused by a shift in the stars and planets... do we humans release such negative energy that storms erupt at will?  Is it the heat and humidity of an early summer heat wave?

I know what is said on Face Book, and other social media, on the news and in beauty salons...but sorry, I just don't buy into a world taken over by evil.  I know too many good people...people with kind hearts, full of love, and forgiveness.  I see too much beauty around me...and with that much beauty...evil can never take over.  I do think, those who wish to do harm and wreck havoc are given way too much press, too much publicity and too much importance in our daily lives.  And I know the naysayers love to preach hate and corruption.. but,take away the glamour, the tv cameras, the book deals, the movie deals...replace it all with mandatory responsibility of our actions.

I do believe that education, kindness and love can change hearts and minds...and I also believe we have to practice kindness in our daily lives...even to those that seem so undeserving of kindness.
We live in a complicated world, full of people who are different, who have different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles...it is time that tolerance was practiced and taught.  It is time to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves.  Pass it on.


  1. Thanks Jilda. I happen to agree with you and so does my daughter Christine. This was a great post with lots of hope and common sense.
    Have a great day.

  2. I wish some of the major media would take this post and print it in capital letters on the front pages of all their newspapers. You not only said what I believe but you said it so succinctly and eloquently. Brava!