Friday, June 12, 2015

Rain and Chickens

I always plant flowers along the edge of our vegetable garden...usually sunflowers and zinnias.  Because of the rainy cold spring I didn't plant the flower seeds until this past week.....then no rain and scorching heat appeared.  But, the rain came today...not a great deal, we could use more...but a nice heavy shower.  I walked down to the garden to look at the happy plants after the rain and I swear the flowers had grown a half inch since this morning.

The air was so fresh and clean, the wind was blowing...Taz and I sat on the back steps enjoying the the smell of rain on dry ground.  It seemed that every living thing around us breathed a sigh of relief.
Even the chickens seemed to enjoy their evening stroll and scratch a little more than usual.

Speaking of chickens, we have a new one...she just appeared a few days ago.  She looks like a road runner, built for speed, not very domesticated looking at all.  Not sure how she found us, none of our neighbors have chickens, but she has made herself at home...there seems to be no plans to leave.
Zeus, our rooster and his brood of hens have shunned her so far...but that will change...and honestly, she doesn't seemed bothered by their neglect.

As I mentioned last night, a busy weekend ahead...I do hope for more rain.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. My mother always planted zinnias. She loved the varieties of colors and sizes for her flower arrangements. As far as the rain I did not think we had to worry too much about flooding this year but the river is getting full right now. Lots of rain to the north is filling our banks.