Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Circle Keeps Spinning

It is easy to worry...about your family, your friends, the world in general.  Sometimes the hardest part of life is to let go and trust that it will all work out...and it will...one way or another.  I think we all want to buffer those we love from pain, harm and life's rough spots...but we can't.  We all have to walk our own path, live and die by our choices and accept responsibility for what we do.

Hearts get broken, lives are destroyed...and yet the circle keeps spinning.  We tend to forget that the choices we make, affect many more lives than just ours.  We foolishly think when we make decisions that it has nothing to do with anyone else...but it does.  We are connected...whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

We are not islands...we are more like a massive root system to one large incredible being...our pain and suffering is felt by more than just ourselves...the thought that we are alone, that no one has gone through what we have is totally self-centered.  I can promise that for every sad story, for every heartbreak, there is another one that is much worse...if you saw inside your neighbor's heart you would be surprised...so many carry their wounds and burdens with no help, no sharing...yet others think their problems, their concerns are the greatest...and they let everyone around them know.

I think when we begin to realize how connected, how much alike we all are...how much one person's actions affect so many more lives than just theirs...then true transformation will take place in the human race.  We are not alone...no matter how dark the circumstance...we are not alone...we are not the first, we won't be the last...the circle keeps spinning.


  1. For years I have said worry is a waste of time. As you said a situation will work out one way or another. If the result is good you worried for nothing. If the result is not good you deal with it and try to solve the problem. Worry gets you nothing.

  2. A real first class post this morning and as usual, you're right on.