Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Grateful Teacher

Class was packed out students and saying goodbye to one.  Saying goodbye, saying happens so often, even so....after 10 years it is the most difficult part of the job.  Saying hello means someone's life is in shambles...saying goodbye means they are returning to a life that will change for the better, or could become even worse than it was before.  Prayers are uttered constantly for the names and faces that cloud my brain, those students whose lives touch  mine only for moments in the scheme of things.

Occasionally, I see a student from the past, or hear how someone is doing...most of the time, our lives intersect for a few short months and I never see or hear from them again.  I choose to believe that no news is good news and that all is well.  But I do think of so many of them and hope with all my heart that all is well.  Through this past ten years I have taught thousands...that is a staggering thought, a sad one, when you think of where I teach.  But, people's lives are complicated, stressful, and often more difficult than you can imagine...many lives are sad, burdened by guilt, haunted by the past...
 all are looking for peace and happiness.

So tonight, I send good thoughts, healing energies and loving prayers to every student I have ever taught privately, in community classes, and at my job...  I hope that life is treating you kind, that you have found the peace and joy and happiness you searched is an  honor to have been your teacher...and many of you have taught me so much more than I could ever teach you...I will always be grateful for each and every one of you.  I am a lucky woman.



  1. This touched me, being a retired teacher. They were blessed to have a teacher like you, as you were blessed to have them.

  2. I often wondered if teachers kept students in their minds. They teach so many. Now I know. Thank you.

  3. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I think that you were meant to be a healing teacher.