Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Musings

The energy in classes today was awesome.  As always,  first-timers and people saying goodbye...but a sweet peace filled the room and stayed with us for both classes.  Meditation class was exceptional...there were tears and smiles.

If the heat backs off next week I want to take the group on a walking meditation.  I try to make every yoga and meditation class different, so that the students get a broad view of how they can develop a yoga and meditation practice.  It can be tricky, usually if I have any class notes I don't even use them.
I read the energy levels, listen to students as they walk in the room and then decide what they need for class that day.  It works great for the students but can be quite exhausting for me.

A long busy weekend ahead...Jordan tomorrow, go see some friends play Saturday and Rick's family reunion Sunday.  I hear my comfy bed calling my name.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Being able to read people is a great talent that every teacher should have and you have it.

    Pace yourself on this busy weekend. Sounds like you'll get plenty of fun. Happy Weekend.

  2. Is your class an open, revolving type class? I am sure you have covered that in an earlier post but I would love to learn what your classes entail.