Friday, July 10, 2015

Weather Rant

I have the Weather Channel app on my phone, it has some of my most favorite places I have visited
keyed in so I can check their weather.  Galway, Ireland is one of the places that I check daily.  The heat index was 110 here today, with 77% humidity, in Galway it was 63 degrees with a light rain.

I like rainy weather, I like cold humid sunny weather makes me feel ill.  Hot dry weather I can deal with, humidity ...that's the deal breaker.  There are not many of us in the south who enjoy cold weather or rain.  Most who live here are here because of the sun and warmth.
I am an oddity. A stranger in a truly strange land.

About September, the weather will become a little more tolerable, until then my motto is "this too shall pass."...but then again, some winters we never wear coats.  My friends in Ireland call Alabama the Hot Country.  I know this sounds bizarre coming from a woman who is cold a great deal of the time but the humid heat and extreme air-conditioning just confuses my body.

Thanks for letting me weather rant.


  1. I can't imagine 110 °F with humidity. It's like being in a sauna. My body can't take the heat either an the A/C makes my body ache.

    You can rant about the weather any time, everybody does it on a regular basis.

    Hope you get some tolerable weather soon.

  2. You may rant all you like. I too like the fall and winter. I complain about the cold occasionally but I do not like the heat of summer.