Friday, July 17, 2015

Energy and Bio-Rhythms

Thanks to Julia for last night's comment about bio-rhythms...I checked my chart today, guess what?
My physical energy was at -100% and will continue there for a couple of more wonder
I have been a walking zombie.  At least my creative and emotional energies have taken an upward turn.

Whether you believe bio-rhythm theories or not, they are quite interesting.   I have followed mine for several years and for me personally they are right on the money when it comes to my energy levels.
I had thought about painting the bathroom this weekend, but now I think I will take it easy for the next couple of days and wait for the energy to begin its upward swing.

If you are interested in checking your rhythms out, there are free 30 day charts available on the internet.
All it takes is your date and year of birth.

When it comes down to it, it is all about yin and yang, a season for everything, life's circle if you will.
The ebb and flow of life's energy for humans, for the earth itself is an eternal balance.  At times, I forget, but days like the past few remind me...there are  times you have to slow down.

Our heat wave is still coming on strong, at least 10 more days of it and little or no rain.  I think this Alabama summer must have an energy level of 100% +
I am grateful for air conditioning and fans and cold clean water to drink.

Enjoy your weekend, if you are in the hot zone, remember to hydrate!


  1. My energy levels keep pace with my migraines. It is all connected. Weather also impacts me. I tell my hubby that when the sky is blue and the fluffy clouds are banked in the east over the hills, then there's a Santa Ana high pressure building.
    I so enjoy your blogs; need to get over here more often.

  2. At least you found the source of your problem. Now all you have to do is ride it out.

  3. I'm glad that you are paying attention to your biorhythm to know how to pace yourself. I believe that as we are born, our biorhythm is set and it's like you say, the life cycle is set. It's all so very interesting to me.

    Take care and go with the flow and have a great weekend.