Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hot Sunset

Usually our sunsets are most colorful in the fall and winter months, but this one a couple of days ago...
it was 97 about the time this was taken...was quite beautiful.

I love the play of shadows against the color.

My wasp stings feel better, now they itch like crazy.  At least the swelling has gone down...and the meningitis has subsided.

We found Rick a new truck...just like his old one.
He is a happy man.

Hope your Sunday is a peaceful one.
Goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. Hope the itch feels better today and I'm glad Rick found a truck. Enjoy this new day.

  2. I was told as a child that itching means healing. I hope that is the case.

  3. The sunset looks gorgeous... I hope the wasp stings heal very fast Jilda xox ♡