Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Rain and wind swept through about an hour ago...the temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees.
We had an old dead tree that we were going to have removed, the wind did it for us.
The rain is still falling and I can hear the earth rejoicing...I am rejoicing too, the heat has been in the upper 90's for over a week and more to come. Tonight is a nice respite.

Today one of the doctors at work told me that I was still getting glowing reports about my classes...after 10 years...I told him that I loved what I was doing.  He laughed and told me so did the patients.  It is nice to be told you are doing good work.

I am drained tonight, the heat is getting to most of us.  So grateful for the rain and the temperature drop even though it is just for tonight.

Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. It's good to get a nice compliment but even better when you know so many are benefiting from your work! Congrats! We're getting a bit warmer by Friday...90 they are predicting. We had another torrential downpour today...I think I'm molding...

  2. It's so beneficial and encouraging to be affirmed like that. It really give a boost to the moral. It's nice to hear feedback. You obviously are doing great work.

    I'm glad that you got a respite from the heat and help from Mother Nature for downing that old tree for Rick.


  3. Of course you got a good review. You can feel what you are accomplishing and it is positive. At the same time it is always nice to hear it and be appreciated.