Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weather Trauma

This morning I sat in the laundry room folding my yoga blankets that I had washed for my work classes...I heard a crack, then a louder crackle and then a really loud thud and felt the room shake.
I looked out the window as the tree that had been hit by our storm on Tuesday lost its support by smaller trees crashed into Rick's truck, its limbs brushing the side of the house.
I now know that my heart is strong...because it scared me silly.  I ran through the house yelling for Rick that the tree had fallen.

We walked outside, staring at the fallen trees, now resting in the center of Rick's truck, the cab crushed and a large  v shaped dent  from bumper to bumper.  We had called the tree guy after the storm came through, but there were so many trees down we were on the list for this week.  Now all he will have to do is cut the trees for fire wood...they are down.

It has been an interesting week, hot as blazes, storms and fallen trees...this week another week of furnace like temps and more storms predicted. We are in some sort of weather trauma for sure.
 I am dreaming, I am longing for days filled with cool breezes...hanging on with hopes for a chilly fall.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Thank goodness Rick was not in the truck when it happened! I would still be shaking if I had been there.

  2. OH MY! I'm glad nobody was hurt but what a weather week! I hope Mother Nature gives you a break. I joke about the dead tree in our front yard falling on the roof so insurance will pay for it...but I think I'd better keep quiet! I'd probably pee my pants if it actually did!

  3. I am happy no one was hurt Jilda... I hope Rick is able to get the truck fixed... how awful but a blessing no one was in it xox

  4. We are surrounded by very old and tall thin pine trees. They are very close to the house and scare the daylights out of me when we get storms. We are the lightning strike capital of the US. I keep my fingers crossed every time I see lightning. I'm so sorry this happened to you but so glad that it didn't fall on the house. Trucks are easier to repair. Glad you and Rick are ok. Stay cool!

  5. What a blessing your family was not hurt when the big tree fell. It could have been a tragedy. House and vehicle can be repaired but a life can't be replaced. In the mean time Rick can't use his truck. What an inconvenience though.

    Hope this mess will be only a memory soon.

  6. I read your post after I read Rick's a few days ago. Yours is better. Your description made me feel like I was there. too scary.