Sunday, July 26, 2015


Life is full of surprises, life on the farm is full of surprises.  We had a surprise rain shower this afternoon.  Sam and Jordan had come over for our usual Sunday walk in the woods, it began to sprinkle...soon there was a gentle rain falling and we walked through the woods giddy from the refreshing coolness of the rain.

Rick had to make a grocery run into town after our walk.
I stepped out on the back deck, another surprise...three of our hens were enjoying themselves in our lounge chairs.
They seemed rather perturbed that I interrupted their Sunday afternoon rest.

Another surprise, a thunderstorm moved through after dinner dumping an inch of rain and dropping temps down into the 80's.
A few minutes ago, Rick yelled for me to come to the back door, a doe and a buck were eating apples as a warm fog spread across the back field.

A  day filled with surprises, simple ones but really good ones.  I hope your Sunday gave you a few nice surprises.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. You have a marvelous picture of the chickens usurping your chairs. I know you are happy for a respite from the heat.

  2. They were all good surprises. Even the chicken seem to enjoy the surprises.
    Hope your week goes as well.