Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fallow Times

Fallow times, it is easy to talk about abundance, after all, that is what we all want, but fallow times...those are the times we often want to forget or rush through.

When fallow times knock on our door, we often wonder if we did something wrong, did we upset the apple cart, could we have done it all better?  But fallow times are part of that circle that I speak of so often.  Fallow and abundance are part of the balance, fallow times remind us about little things like gratitude, patience and humbleness.

The interesting thing about life, you can have abundance in one area and be fallow in another...or it can be all or nothing.  Rick and I have both have experienced some fallow times in parts of our lives the past month or so.  And like most everyone, we struggled at first trying to figure out what we did or didn't do...about a week ago, I got it.  Sometimes I am a bit slow, but the lightening bolt hit and
understanding began to creep into my brain.

I realized you really do have to live the fallow parts, use them, take advantage of them.
Learn, experience, what ever it takes to make the most of the lean/slow/fallow times.
For us as musicians, time to write, practice, work on our voices, hone our skills...get that when the time comes, and it will...we can inspire others.

If there is a fallow time in your life, take some inventory, see what's missing,look at  your strengths and weaknesses.  Work on yourself, your health, your talents, your intelligence, your kindness...and know that this too shall pass, that abundance will come again.


  1. I can't sat I have experienced much fallow time but a vacation would be nice.
    Hope that you can take advantage of your fallow time.