Sunday, July 12, 2015

The League

Our songwriters group met at our house I sat and listened to the songs that these incredible friends have written I am amazed at their talents.  It is humbling to be around talented creative friends...especially when they are so kind. Though we have only been together as a group for about three years, I feel as though they have all been in my life much much longer.

It is important to our well-being, our physical and mental health to spend time with friends.
We need the love and support of friends, we need their cheers when times are good, we need their
hugs when times are difficult.

Having friends who do not look at you as competition, but who respect what you do is rare in a creative field such as music.  We are all very diverse as far as the types of music we write and perform, but our love of writing brought us together. Many of us have written songs together, performed together and cheered each other at our individual performances.

Tonight I am grateful for The League of Extra Ornery Songwriters, for their friendships, their talents and all they have shared, am looking forward to this next year of music and friendships.


  1. The special thing is that you all support each other with no jealousy. Happy for each success and supportive during less than success. Each is a blessing to the others.

  2. You have found a priceless gem.