Thursday, July 16, 2015


Have you ever ran on auto-pilot?  I think I must be doing just that...I have accomplished many menial tasks the past few days, but it seems my creative juices have dried and become dust in the wind.

I know, you can not force creativity, neither love nor passion...there is an wax and wane to all things and I am in the wane of creative energy right now.   Not sure if this fatigue is heat related, but my energy is at a standstill.

So what do you do?  I have continued to push forward, with hopes of a spark that will ignite the flames once again.  I do know this, I am not alone.  I have friends who seem to be knee deep in the same rut.
Perhaps a short vacation or out of town trip is what I need...some place cool, peaceful and joyful...full of music and good times.

The overwhelming light and heat of long summer days has once again taken its spite out on me.
I wait...for cooler days...for shorter days...and my energy to glow.


  1. Today my car thermometer read 49de on my way to work. I actually wore a hoodie and a sweater...but by this afternoon it was 80. No wonder I'm a nut case most days! Hopefully you'll feel inspired again soon and your heat calms down a bit. We're suppose to get some 90de days this weekend...with rain of course!

  2. Not long ago, Rick was talking about biorhythm and I use to have a computer program about biorhythm. I would type in my birth date and it would figure out my peak performance days as well as my low days.

    On days that I was at peak performance, physically, mentally and emotionally I had lots of energy and I was on top of everything. The chart would tell me when I was high physically, mentally and emotionally or wether I was low in these areas.

    I would be very careful on days when I was low and would refrain from making big decisions and didn't engaged in something where I would need to be alert.
    I wish I had a similar program again.

    To learn to go with the body rhythm and let it rest when it needs it might be a good thing after all.

    Hope you feel more creative and energized soon.

  3. I sometimes just wallow in the rut a bit. I think we need a break even from creativity once in a while. After wallowing I am often at my creative best.