Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Holiday weekends are strange and wonderful, I kept thinking that yesterday was Sunday.
Our neighbors spent a great deal of money on fireworks, our poor dogs just about went over the edge last night.  Calliou, the Collie was in Rick's bathroom trying to climb into the sink, Taz just sat and shook.  The next time there are fireworks in the neighborhood, the dogs will be sedated, it broke my heart to see them so upset.  We have two  Nam Vets on our road, after watching our dogs last night, I can't imagine what those guys were going through.

Holidays are wonderful, because of great food, lots of laughter, and time with family and friends.
I have eaten way too much, exercised way too little...but tomorrow is Monday and tonight, Samantha gave me a JawBone. The ugly truth or maybe not so ugly,  will show its face, as I track my sleep, exercise and eating habits.
I am taking my health into my own hands.  Hoping that technology, via SmartVest and JawBone will
take me down a path that medicine would not.  A path of health, and healing without monthly chemicals making me so sick that my quality of life disappeared.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Firework is not only frightening to pets but it disrupt my sleep as I go to bed earlier than the party goer and I have difficulty returning to sleep.
    I had never heard about JawBone. I'm so behind new technology. I hope it helps.

  2. My dog also was full of anxiety over all the fireworks. She's better now. You need to splurge once in a while to appreciate the normal way of living.