Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pretty Maids

Along the garden's edge, there is a row of zinnias and sunflowers, they really are "pretty maids all in a row."

Each morning as I walk the dogs, I see those flowers.  Usually there are butterflies and bees buzzing about too.

I love the vibrant colors, the happiness if you will of those flowers as they face the morning sun.  If I am tired or grumpy, they always cheer me up.  Nature has that ability, to lift our spirits and remind us of the beauty that is everywhere if we open our eyes.

I keep fresh flowers in our house almost 365 days a year.  Those rare days when there are none, the house seems empty and a little drab.  My mom and my grandmother Mamie taught me to love flowers, to grow them and understand how important they were to the human spirit.

Tonight, I am grateful for my pretty maids all in a row...I am humbled by their beauty.


  1. How lovely they are. The colors and smells of flowers do lift the spirit.

  2. There is so much beauty in nature... it's good to be reminded♡

  3. I love flowers so much too and I have some blooming plants in the house during the winter months and a full yard outside during the growing seasons but I seldom bring fresh cut flowers in the house. I somehow prefer to let them live right on their plant. Maybe I'm too busy to bother.

    Enjoy your little beauties.

  4. I love flowers and love a nice bouquet! The best part is having them in your yard at your finger tips. Put some in Rick's new office!