Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hard Work

The blossom is a rose of sharon, I have pink, purple and white and a white with a red throat.  They came from my mom, my oldest sister and my grandmother.

The bushes are big and tall and the humming birds are loving them. I know when they bloom, it is summer...regardless of what the calendar shows.

Jordan helped me plant impatiens today.  About half way through, he was very hot and sweaty and became a little whinny.  I told him I understood, I was hot and tired also...but we had a couple more containers to go.

Ever the problem solver, he suggested that was good, but, as soon as we finished he would need a bath, I would need a shower and we both would need lunch.  I agreed.

He also planted a container of flowers to take to his house.  I explained that he would have to water and care for them. He asked if he would need to move them inside this winter and I said yes.  He then informed me, that gardening was hard work...once again, I agreed.


  1. Cute, Jordyn is learning a lot from you two.
    He will be rewarded when he sees his hard labor blooming.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Sorry I misspelled Jordan's name. My granddaughter is named Jordyn.