Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Years

Three can that be?   I have written this blog for three years??????  Wow!!!!  I hope that I have helped, inspired, and encourage......I hope that you feel the love, the blessings and the vibrations.   Three years, so long, so little, so much.

I started this a way to keep in touch with my students.... to inspire, to love, to keep informed.    I have stumbled, have fallen and have failed in many ways......but that is human and it is ok.    Those damn green chairs times have taken  over my life......but I have sucked it up and continued......those damn green chairs.....they have taken my life and broken my spirit......but I have held on......and it has been three years.

Three short, so long.    Who knew when I started...... three years.    I have loved this blog, I have hated this blog.    But, I have loved my followers.......Thank you!

Three short, three long years.......15 treatments, many tears, many songs, many memories and friends.....and life goes on.   I am what I am.....three years.....and this too shall pass.  Three years.....


  1. Well, I wish I had found you three years ago but I am glad to have found you now. I feel I know you through reading your hubby's blog. He speaks so lovingly of you. Hang on- those green chairs can be lifesaving-even as they are often time stealing. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Thank you for the three years Jilda. Your words have helped me many times. Warm hugs.

  3. Congratulations. Let Rick know that I have been reading his blog but I couldn't leave comments. Have a wonderful week.

  4. I feel time flying by so quickly, but I'm not in a green chair or going through what you are, and have gone through, in these last 3yrs. I enjoy your blog and your thoughts and insight. I know you've inspired many with your trials but also your triumphs...I hope your upcoming trip will be a nice rest and recoup for you and Rick. Happy blogging and here's to many more years!

  5. thanks for your comments and your support!