Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raise The Vibration

Raise the vibration......it seems that so many of us look for a way to give up......we look for the darkness......we look for the worst.......What will it take to raise our vibration?
Yes, bad things happen.....and when they do, the media turns it into a let's see how bad we can make it.  We live in a very small world these days, something happens, and a split second later it is news.....all over the world.  After it becomes news.......then the fear spinners take over........and all we hear,  at the grocery store, at church, at Walmart is how horrible the world is.

I think it is time to take back our hope.  Our friend Mart, who is a minister in South Alabama wrote a wonderful blog last night and I will share his link at the end of mine, I encourage you to read it.
Energy is energy.......we can turn our energy into fear and invite a very small darkness to take over.....or we can refuse to surrender to such smallness, and recognize all the goodness, all the light and beauty that surrounds us.  When did we become such gluttons for darkness and gloom?
It is as though we bask in tragedy, we thrive on the ability to discuss how awful the world and everyone in it is.

I believe that when we allow our thoughts to entrap us , ......we dishonor those who perish in tragedy.  What will it take to raise our vibration?  What will it take for us to see the good again?  It has never left, we have just closed our eyes and our hearts to it.  Why do we give such power to just a few?

I have used this quote by Wayne Dyer so many times, but I believe it "you get what you think about, whether you want it or not."  I think that when we look for the darkness, that is all we will see.....when we look for pain, that is all we will find......when we allow fear to take over our hearts, that is all we will ever feel.

Raise the vibration, send love and blessings and hope .

my friend Mart's blog, www.martgray.blogspot.com


  1. Exactly! Media too often favours a dark spin because it's the 'moneymaker' and we, all too often, allow them to set the tone of our thoughts. I've said, again and again, today that the number of good people out there far outweighs the bad, and it's the outpouring of help and concern from the people of Boston that more truly defines who we are.

  2. A very wise and timely message. I'll go and read the link.