Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Rages

Looks as though we are under the gun again, storms headed our way.  I have it down to an art now,
do laundry, shower, wash hair, clean house, make sure generator is ready to go, non-nonperishable
food supply, all phones, lap tops etc. charged and ready.   Welcome to spring.

It is 80 degrees here tonight, it is 50 degrees in Little Rock......somewhere in the middle Mother Nature is going to pitch a hissie fit.  We don't even have the damage repaired from two weeks ago......this too shall pass.

But it is beautiful here in Alabama, the azaleas, red buds, dogwoods and all things spring are in full are the pine trees.  The pollen is so thick, there are cloud of the yellow gunk drifting thru the skies.  Ingrid looks as though some giant with a nasty cold sneezed all over her.  Everyone is coughing and sneezing......the rain will wash it all away.....and hopefully the wind will not blow us all away.

If you live where the storms are raging, stay skies will come back soon.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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  1. Storms hit here yesterday. My friend at work had her barn roof and siding blown off! More coming tonight. I hope you guys are OK and I told Rick to put lead in your shoes so you won't blow away! It was very nice and warm though..until today and now we may have snow on Saturday. I'm getting whiplash from the weather changes..good thing I married a Chiropractor!