Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Know Who I Am

We watched an old River Phoenix movie tonight......I think it was filmed in 93 about songwriters in Nashville.   It was interesting and poignant and brought back a lot of memories.  Through the years, Rick and I have spent alot of time in Nashville.....for years, we spent our talent, time and energy writing for others.  There were good times, good friends and good songs.......but we both reached a point where we looked at each other  one day and said let's write for ourselves.....forget radio, forget other artists, let's write the songs and sing them the way we want to sing them.

To me, that is when our songs truly became good.  We wrote from the heart, and sang from the heart and all that mattered was the song......the good thing, we never became bitter about the music business, we didn't let it destroy us or our talent......we just chose to create and write for the love of doing just that.......we write and sing for the pure joy of it now.......and that is how it should be.

I often hear singer songwriters complaining because they can't make a living in music.......but my thoughts are these, if the only reason you are doing it is for the money, you need to quit right now, get yourself an MBA and go make money.  Creating music, art, stories, anything you create has to come because of your need to can earn money doing almost anything.  Creating is the energy that comes from your heart and soul, it is the reason you exist and you will do it no matter what.......and honestly, you will do it until you die or you are no longer capable.  And sometimes, if fate and the gods smile upon will make money.

I am a singer/ is in my doesn't matter if you like my voice, you like my songs or even if you like is who I am.   It is my life, though I may not earn a living doing it.
I can fry burgers, teach yoga, do many things to make money.........but I am a singer/songwriter.
No one has to validate it, I know who I am.


  1. You are absolutely right on this one, Jilda. This is exactly what has happened to me this year, but your words express it so much better. I spent years trying to imitate, meet others' expectations, write formula music - and it got me nowhere and I closed that door. Now I am born again (musically speaking, ha ha) and I write for me, from the heart without following any rules and not caring whether anyone likes my songs. You've heard how much better the songs sound as a result.

  2. you my friend, have written some amazing songs, and you are truly finding your voice. Isn't it freeing when we do what we love, just because we love it?

  3. If you put out from the heart it will return ten fold.

  4. Good, simple, and true...just do what you love and you'll be happy....maybe not rich, but happy..something money can't always buy!

  5. That is exactly how I feel about writing. Thanks for this post, Jilda.

  6. Amen! It seems to take young people a long time to believe this though.