Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Energy

I think that the universe knows what we need, when we need it, we just have to allow ourselves to receive.  Tomorrow is treatment day, I am always antsy and very fatigued by now.   Both my classes at work today were amazing.  Students brought joy, love and kindness into my room and it spread like honey to all of us.

In the first group, there were several dealing with chronic pain, some anger issues and more......but as they walked in and began talking you could feel everything change.  We did breath work, and  a somatic class, by the end of relaxation, everyone was smiling and there hugs o'plenty.  When I explained why I would not be back this week,  they were so encouraging with kind words, and many hugs.  Even later this evening when I clocked out, several of them spent time talking to me........assuring me of their prayers and good wishes.
By the way, this was an all male class.

The next group was laughing out loud, they all came early, and we did a heart opening class.
We started the class with back to back breathing.......the girls partnered up sitting back to back, the guys did the same.  Breathing back to back, not only are you aware of your breath, but of the person whose back is up against yours........it is comforting in many ways, knowing that "someone has your back" .

The day started good, Jordan our 5 year old, great nephew spent the morning with us.  Somehow, he always makes me feel better!  His smiles, his laughter, his hugs are magic.
We looked at his vision board, and talked about what had taken place since he made it, and what was still to come.

I am savoring all this good energy and love tonight........I will carry it with me tomorrow when I rest in those big green chairs.

Goodnight, sweet dreams.

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  1. I would join your class if I lived close to you. I wish you a week filled with positive healing energy in those big green chairs.