Thursday, April 25, 2013

I See The Moon

In this photo it is just a shimmery pearl  in the darkness, hiding in the branches, teasing, waiting to make an appearance.
A great night for a full moon, not a cloud in the sky, and rather chilly.  As I stood on the deck, I could hear the owl down behind the barn and somewhere in the distance the bark of a dog or maybe coyote.

I just called Jordan to let him know the moon is rising over his house.  I have never known a five year old who loves the full moon as much as he does.  I suppose having me for a great aunt has helped his moon appreciation.

What I love most when I see a full moon.......I know that the same moon is shinning over my friends and loved ones......that they see the same beautiful orb in the is a connecting block, a distance eraser if you will.  I think that when we all look up and see that big round full moon, it's as though we are standing side by side.......sorta like holding spiritual hands.  Where ever you are tonight, if you can see the moon......remember, I can too......we're seeing it together.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Jilda! I also saw the moon last night! I was in awe. It poured its light onto the forest. It was magical.