Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun Ain't Cheap

Long, but good signing with Rick  yesterday, songwriter showcase could say I might be a wee bit tired.   An old friend use to tell me, fun ain't cheap, anytime I complained.   He is no longer with us, and he was right......sometimes fun comes at a high price for me.   But, then I think of all those times, I have been sick and unable to sing......a little fatigue, a small price for an afternoon of music, sunshine and good friends.  I hope your weekend has been as sunny and as beautiful as mine......I hope you have been surrounded by friends......I hope your ears have been filled with good music and laughter.


  1. Great shot of you and Rick! His was in black and white...I like the color too! Glad it was a good weekend but rest up...I'm sure you would rather be tired than miss out on all you did. We had almost every good thing you mentioned, except the music. I guess I'll count the laughter of family as music to my ears instead!

  2. Oh look at you and Rick!! Lovely!! Take care